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Pro Combo 1344

Protect your faimly and home with a whole house filtration & salt-free water softening system Pro Combo 1344, specially designed for 4-6 Bathroom homes. You can now enjoy 100% salt free softening alternative with our our Pro Combo 1344 system. Did we mention that the Pro Combo 1344 system is maintenance free?


REMOVES SEDIMENT: Sand, sediment, and debris can come from the water lines that supply your water from the city. Leaking pipes introduce untreated water or debris that seep, contaminate, drain, or flow into the water supply. This sediment in city or well water can clog faucets, damage appliances and even change the taste of your drinking water.

REDUCES CHLORINE: Chlorine and chloramines are used by the city to help ‘sanitize’ the water coming into your home. Repeated exposure to these chemicals negatively impacts your skin, hair, health, and food. You’ve noticed that your water sometimes tastes and smells unpleasant. You’ve smelled chlorine vapors while bathing or drinking your water.

FILTERS CHEMICALS: You and your loved ones are exposed to the harmful chemicals, pesticides, and solvents that may be present in your city water. Drinking, bathing, and cooking with these chemicals is dangerous and may cause health problems and other troubles.

PREVENTS 99.6% OF SCALE: You have hard, mineral filled water that causes scale and corrosion to build up, leaves soap scum residue behind in your bathrooms, dingy, hard feeling clothes, dry irritated skin, life-less dull hair, and etched, spotty glassware.

TRULY ECO-FRIENDLY: Our systems use no electricity, do not discharge salty brine into the environment like a salt-based softener, and waste no water because our up-flow technology doesn’t require media ‘fluffing’.

VERSATILE: The Pro-Combo is designed for city water applications and comes in a variety of sizes to handle any home; from condos and cabins up to large estates


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