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For a full range of water quality and conditioning solutions for your Rochester home or business, you'll appreciate the great service and expertise you'll receive from AP Plumbing. AP Plumbing have been trusted for water quality solutions for over 25 years.

Pro Combo 1044

What are the benefits of a water conditioning solution from AP Plumbing?

Do You Know What's In Your Water?

Read the utility water quality tests here: MCWA, City of Rochester

1. Reduce Chlorine
Chlorine and chloramines are a common way of sanitizing water for your home, but over-exposure to excessive levels of chlorine may have a negative impact on your skin, hair, taste of food and potentially your health in the worst cases. Reduce Chlorine from your tap water using our Pro Combo 1044 water conditioning system.

2. Filters Chemicals
Protect your Rochester home's water supply from potential contamination of pesticides, solvents and metals and speak with the AP Plumbing team about a water purification and softening solution. With the right solution to suit your home, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your drinking water is safe for the whole family.

Pro Combo 1344

3. Remove Sediment
Even if you have excellent plumbing in your Rochester home, the city mains may have an infiltration of sediment, such as from a broken pipe. This sediment could then flow through to your home resulting in clogging may cause damage to your appliances or make the water distasteful. To protect your home from these problems, consider installing a whole house water softening system and you can enjoy peace of mind knowing your drinking water is of the highest quality.

4. Prevents Damage
Scale build-up in your pipes and appliances can result in you spending money on repairs or even replacements. Scale build-up could also increase your operation costs. We can install a Water Heat Shield to protect your hot water against dirt accumulation, corrosion or scale build-up or you may consider a whole house Pro Combo water softening system that will protect all your plumbing and appliances.

Water heater shield

5. Purer Water
If your Rochester water doesn't taste as good as it should, we can help. Whether it tastes metallic due to high iron levels, or it tastes or smells unpalatable due to old, corroded or dirty pipes, we have a range of water purification solutions to suit your needs. For smaller homes, we have the Pro Combo 1044 or for medium homes there's the Pro Combo 1344. Whatever size your home is, our water purifications systems will remove contaminants and leave you to enjoy pure clean water in your Rochester home.

Service6. Helpful & Friendly
You'll find the AP Plumbing team to be friendly and helpful. They're ready and able to answer any questions about improving your Rochester home's water quality and will do all they can to make your experience with us the best it can be.

To have a water softening or purification system installed in your Rochester home TODAY so you can enjoy the highest quality water, call and speak with the friendly professionals at AP Plumbing.

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