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FastFor fast, same day water heater installations and repairs in Rochester, you can rely on the great service you receive from AP Plumbing.

1.  Expert Water Heater Repairs

FastOur professional plumbers always provide expert repairs for any make, model or type of water heater. AP Plumbing's repairs go beyond a “Quick Fix”, as we also check for any issues with your water heater that could potentially create problems in the future.

2.  Fast Plumbers, 24 Hours

HeatersThere's nothing worse than discovering too late that you have no hot water.  However, with AP Plumbing we're only a phone call away, so you can relax knowing your hot water heater can be repaired or replaced as quickly as today. No matter what time of night or day, our plumbers and service-vehicles are available 24/7 from several locations across Rochester, NY.

3.  Professional Installations

AP Plumbing can help you achieve the performance levels indicated in the manufacturer's manual by performing a professional installation of your new water heater. No matter what the make or type of water heater, AP Plumbing will always ensure it is expertly installed and running perfectly.

4.  Energy Efficient Water Heaters

AP Plumbing can help with a range of energy efficient water heater solutions, including tankless water heaters.

5.  Up-Front Pricing

AP Plumbing helps you make an informed decision with our “Per Job” quotes that are delivered in advance to any work being performed. This also means you needn't worry how long the work will take as the price remains fixed.

6.  Fully Licensed & Insured

We are a fully licensed and insured company and hiring our services helps keep all existing manufacturers warranties and home insurance policies valid.

7.  Written Warranties

You'll gain additional peace-of-mind knowing that all of AP Plumbing's expert workmanship is fully backed by a written warranty.

For quality water heater installations, repairs, maintenance and advice for your hot water needs in and around the Rochester, NY area, call and speak with the hot water experts at AP Plumbing today.

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