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CopyrightIf you have a drain or sewer issue in your home in Rochester, NY or the surrounding areas, rest easy knowing a fast and reliable solution is just a phone call away with the experts at AP Plumbing. Our experienced plumbers and specialized equipment will clear all your drain and sewer blockages fast and provide quality repairs and replacements, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

1.  Same-Day Drain & Sewer Experts

ExpertsA blocked drain or sewer can often cause an unpleasant situation for your family and neighbors and needs to be dealt with immediately. At AP Plumbing, we're available on-call 24/7 and can schedule an emergency drain or sewer service for the same day.

2.  Plugged Sinks & Drains

We provide quick and effective solutions to your plugged sink or drain with specialist equipment that not only unplugs pipes and drains but also thoroughly cleans them, significantly reducing the risk of another plug occurring.

3.  Tree-Root Intrusions

CopyrightIf invasive tree roots are causing damage to your drains and sewers, AP Plumbing can help. We use specialist tree-root equipment to completely remove the tree root and can assist with preventative solutions to avoid the problem occurring in the first place.

4. No Dig Sewer Repairs

AP Plumbing has the latest in no dig pipe relining technology to help save your pipes.  Read more here.

5.  Up-Front Pricing

We provide you with a full price for your drain and sewer services, in advance.

6.  Professional Plumbers

AP Plumbing is fully-licensed and insured for your drain and sewer requirements in and around the Rochester area. We hire the best plumbers and provide regular training to ensure they continue to be knowledgeable in the latest solutions and equipment.

7.  Satisfaction Guaranteed Service

We believe in providing a level of service our customers will be delighted with and even provide you with a satisfaction guarantee.

For a fast, professional drain or sewer service for your home in and around the Rochester, NY area, call and speak with the drain and sewer experts at AP Plumbing today.
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