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Vactor and Hydro-Excavation Services in Rochester


AP PlumbingAP Plumbing's vactor unit is a superior machine capable of flushing and vactoring debris from sanitary and storm main lines through basins and manholes. It is specially designed for cleaning:

  •     Entire wastewater and sanitary systems
  •     Large or small catch basins
  •     Sanitary and storm mains
  •     Lift stations and mains
  •     Exterior grease traps
  •     Jet flushing storm and sanitary lines
  •     Power-washing roadways, driveways and parking lots



Hydro-excavation is the safe nondestructive excavation method often used when underground utilities and other obstructions are present. Unlike mechanical excavation, there is little chance of damage when water is used to loosen the soil, significantly reducing the safety and financial risks associated with utility line strikes. It has the ability to excavate in remote locations where mechanical means can not reach and works in almost all soil conditions including frozen ground!

Hydro-Excavation Benefits

  • Work over any obstacles and hard to reach locations such as, bridges, roads and existing foundations with our telescopic boom option
  • High capacity fiber optic lines are located without any damage for work near phone and data lines
  • Expose high pressure gas lines without any damage
  • Work in tight limited access areas where mechanical equipment would require major surface rework
  • Low noise level for work in residential and after hour applications
  • Precision trenching capabilities for landscaping, potholing and pole base installations

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